Standart Table Size for woman:

Standart Table Size for men:

How to take your own measurements:

Do you need a tape measure of dressmaker and a belt marking the waist from which will be marked the measurements.

1-Total size of the chest, measure the tape the entire breast. Be careful not to slip back.

2-Measure the bust from the base of the neck until the waist.

3-Measure the entire waistline.

4-Measure the area where the arm is wider

5-Measuring the neck in its entirety, on the base,

6-Measure the total hip in the wider zone.

7-Measure the length you want the skirt / pants

8-Measure the total thickness of the knee.

9 Measure the total pulse

10-Measuring all of the shoulders in the back area of the tip of the other shoulder bone and the arm length from that same zone to the wr